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Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi

Modest Mike's Gilmour Mod

Violet Ram's Head Conversion ($59.99)

Does anyone out there want that “Violet Rams Head David Gilmour sound” from recordings done for "The Wall?" This mod is a good start!

Don’t let anyone fool you! There are mods floating around on the web that imply you can change 3 or 4 components in your Big Muff to achieve the Violet Ram's Head sound. The truth is there are no shortcuts. We have laid down the schematics for the Big Muff and Violet Ram’s Head. By comparing these, it is pretty simple to see there are quite a few changes that need to be made. And that’s the biggest part of what we do! We start at the input signal replacing all the key parts to match, and we don’t stop until we hit the output! And yes, we will replace the LED with a nice, bright,  water clear blue LED. This mod works great for the NYC Big Muffs (not the Little Big Muff), but it works great for other versions as well.  


*You will appreciate this one. As a part of our regular mod on the NYC model, we will also do a little drilling and replace that outdated power jack with a standard 9 volt DC power jack! So now you can power it up just like most other 9 volt pedals. No more weird adapters or batteries. Well, you can still use batteries if you want to :)

*The Russian Muffs do not have a jack to replace. But for an extra $10 we will drill a half inch hole and install a standard 9 volt DC jack.

*You can also get the optional mids control for this one for an additional $28. 

We just did this mod on one of the reissue versions of the Black Russian Big Muff. Since the pedal is black and has yellow lettering, I decided to put a yellow LED in it.  


They say a picture says a thousand words...

Jonathan just got his Sovtek Green Big Muff back from us

after the mod. Do you think he is happy with the sound?

We also sell these pedals, refurbished and with all of the mods mentioned above!

Click CONTACT at the top right of the site to call or send us a quick email.

 Add a mids control for $28

NYC or Black Russian Model

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