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 Silent Step True Bypass System Installed On Your Pedal!

Let’s say you have an effects pedal plugged into your system, but the pedal is not switched on (this is known as the bypass sound). Your signal still has to pass through the electronics of the pedal. This can result in a loss of tone, especially the highs. True bypass eliminates “tone sucking.”


We have done hundreds of true bypass mods. Normally for starters I might have to drill a half inch hole in your pedal. Then I would replace the stock foot switch with a 3PDT foots witch (stomp on, stomp off, loud clicks). This allows me to rewire the pedal for true bypass. We still do this mod because some musicians like to feel and hear the “click.”


Times and technology change. There are a few silent or no-click type true bypass switches on the market now that can be installed inside your pedal without affecting the pedal’s appearance. This type of true bypass mod eliminates the “click” associated with 3PDT switches. This mod is great for pedals with momentary switches. And for those with stompswitches, we also replace that switch with a soft touch momentary switch.

We have chosen to install the Griffin Effects Silent Step. Why this one? This is what Bill the owner has to say:

- I didn't purchase the MCU code or circuit from someone else. I wrote the code and designed the circuit so I'm able to update it and make improvements.

- The Silent Step eliminates weak points in the circuit like transistors.

- The Silent Step uses less power than other silent switches.

-  I have added a very good switch debouncing to the code which allows it to be used with a lot more momentary switches out there.

But enough of the technical stuff :)

Send us your pedal for the Silent Step Mod for only $59.99

This mod works on your pedals that have a stock momentary switch (most Boss, Ibanez, etc).

And if your pedal has a stomp switch (click), we can still do this mod and replace that stomp switch with an SPDT Soft Touch Momentary Switch. *This unit may need to be installed in the battery compartment for some pedals.

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