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 MXR Phase 90

Our Script Mod ($39.99) improves the sound of this pedal by helping to eliminate the noticeable mid-boost distortion. This pedal is now warmer and less extreme... more like the now very expensive version of the one made back in the mid 70’s when I used to play (Yep, I’m getting old). I am referring to the original version that practically defined the classic phase shifter sound, and was heard on everything from hard rock to jazz fusion to funk hits. And yes, we also replace the LED with a bright water clear blue LED. The LED is clear when off, and a very noticeable blue when the effect is on. 

Add the Univibe Mod for an additional $48 (normally ($59.99).

Univibe Mod ($59.99) for later models...

Some folks offer a similar mod.  But that's a permanent mod which does not allow you to use the pedal as a phase shifter. None of them offer you the option to make the Univibe Mod optional by installing a 4PDT toggle switch. 4PDT? Yes, a true Univibe mod involves changing out 4 capacitors for all 4 stages of the pedal with 4 caps of a different value. With the 4PDT installed, you now have the option of phase shifter or Univbe! That's a total of 8 capacitors and 8 wires being controlled by a simple flick of the switch. Note:
This switch is installed in the battery compartment of the pedal. You will need to use a standard center negative power jack to use this pedal.

Phase 90 to Univibe Labelled.JPG
4PDT Phase 90.JPG

 Eight Capacitor 4PDT

Modified Vintage 74 Reissue Phase 90.jpg

 MXR Phase 90 '74 Vintage Reissue Mods ($59.99)

 It's probably the best phase shifter out there as stock. And I understand why they left out certain features... to make it look like the original. But check out these features we add:
-Replace stompswitch with a 3PDT and rewire to true bypass
-Drill and install a standard 9V power jack
-Drill and install a bright blue LED

We also sell these pedals, refurbished and with all of the mods mentioned above!

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