"TS-808 Modded" TS-5

 Mean Ass TS-9DX

Ibanez Tube Screamer

TS-5, TS-7, TS-808 Reissue, TS-9, TS-9DX, TS808HW, & TS-10

TS-808 Plus Mod ($39.99) - No Switches

An original TS-808 is considered to be the holy grail of all tube screamers. Some musicians pay over $500 for one.

After our TS-808 "plus" mod, your TS-9, TS-9DX, TS-10, TS-7, or even TS-5 can fool anyone in a blind sound test.

We start by replacing the op amp with a JRC4558D (or RC4558P if you prefer), but we add an IC socket for those who like to experiment with the sound. Several capacitors are replaced with better quality metal film caps to enhance tone quality.  Key resistors are replaced to match your pedal to original 808 specs, we use metal film resistors to help eliminate background noise. There is a slight bass response increase, a nice middle now that keeps your guitar sounding transparent when everyone turns up the volume.  


The "Plus" part of this mod? Additional capacitor and resistor values are changed to put a little more hair on it's chest. You get about twice the normal gain, and also the abillity to clean up the sound when you roll back the volume. We top it off with a nice water clear LED. The LED is clear when the pedal is off, and a nice bright blue when the pedal is on. For tube screamer lovers, it doesnt get much better than this!  Your tube screamer will sound better from it's head to it's ...fets!

Stock TS-9 vs Mean Ass TS-9

Modest Mike's Mean Ass Mod ($59.99)

This mod is identical to the one above, only with two added switches. One switch is for an optional  bass boost .The other switch is the mean ass switch, but you don't need that switch...unless you want to rock! This switch adds two extra diodes in series with the stock diodes. This gives your TS-9 more gain, pushing it into asymmetrical clipping.  These two switches can give you a variety of sounds...all good! This mod is great for the TS-9DX, TS-7, and also that TS-808 Pro Reissue or TS808HW you bought...you know, the one that was a little milder than you expected. The TX9DX already has 3 boost settings, so only one one switch is needed.

If true bypass is important to you,, you can get that for an additional $38 when you

also purchase the mod service (normally $49.99).

We also sell these pedals, refurbished and with all of the mods mentioned above!

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