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BOSS Metal Zone MT-2

There is a group of people out there, a special breed of musicians,

who are into an art form known as "Metal." Some call it "Heavy Metal." They are perfectly aware of and familiar with distortion pedals,

but that sound just does not cut it for them. They want, need, and demand something more! 

Death Metal Mod ($49.99)

Note: We don't modify the newer SMT version. Check here for when made: 

This mod makes the Boss MT-2 sound much fuller. The EQ is much better and has more range than the stock pedal. It's great for metal and has better overdrive tones. It changes the nasally, synthetic distortion sound into a more natural, dynamic distortion. This mod turns the pedal into a well-rounded distortion that is good for a lot of different types of music (despite the mod's name). This mod now includes the Noise Suppression Mod that cuts the noise when not playing down by about 2/3!

*All credit for this mod goes to Bill at Griffin Effects.

                    Use your headphones!

BOSS Distortion DS-1

Modest Mike's Marshall Mod ($39.99)

The DS-1...almost everyone has one. Most are just a little disappointed with the thin sound. When the band gets loud, it's hard to distinguish your lead solo from noise in the

background. And yet, lots of professionals use this pedal...or rather a modified version.

Get that DS-1 out of your closet, and be prepared to be surprised! Modest Mike's Marshall Mod adss fulness to this pedal, more mids (say what you will, you need mids to cut through the music), gets rid of that nasally sound, takes away those brittle-piercing-treble tones, and gives this pedal a healthy gain boost. When you jam, your playing will no longer sound like a noise in the background.

If you love that classic JCM Marshall sound, be sure and ask for this one!  


We can mod all DS-1 pedals made before 2016.

Check here to find out when your boss pedal was made: Copy/Paste

                   Use your headphones!

                                                Modest Mike’s DS-1 Mod For Bass? YES!!!

We got this email a while back from Andreus in Sweden:

“I wonder if you can mod a Boss DS-1 to make it suitable for use with bass. This is what I don't like about the stock pedal:

The treble is way to shrill. The distortion is a bit artificial sounding and I would like to have a little less distortion over all. It removes bass, I need a pedal that lets ALL the bass through. It scoops the mids, I want it to keep the mids as they are. 

I realize all this may sound like I should get another pedal to begin with, but it's the DS-1 I want. Is it possible for you to make such a pedal?”

Sounded like a pretty tall order at the time, but we were able to make it happen!

- No more shrill treble- the tone knob now works like a contour or shape control.

- We replaced a diode in the clipping with an LED.

LEDs are best for distortion in bass pedals, providing slightly less distortion and a little more push...more tube-like.

- This modified pedal allows ALL of the bass to enter and ALL of the bass to come out.

- The mids are greatly improved.

“I got the pedal a week ago and have had the time to try it out quite a bit. After some tweaking I started to understand what you have done with the tone control; it's now what is usually called a contour or shape control. Very nifty! I now can adjust the amount of mids I want to keep in the distorted sound which is really useful. The character of the distortion is great too, it's more tube amp-like compared to the stock DS-1 but still keeps what is good about the original sound. Thanks a lot for the great job! I will most certainly make a video with this pedal on my YouTube-channel in the near future to let other bassists hear what it sounds like.”


Andreas did indeed upload a video. Check it out, use your headphones!

Modest Mike's DS-1 for bass Mod ($49.99)


We also sell these pedals, refurbished and with all of the mods mentioned above!

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