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DOD YJM308 and DOD 250 

Modest Mike’s YJM308 or DOD 250 Mod ($39.99)

By design these pedals roll off bass as the gain is turned up. This makes them a bit treble heavy when the gain is up. There is also less gain than one would expect.

We also offer the Grey mod, but this mod is my favorite. We replace stock capacitors and resistors with high quality metal film components, some of a different value. The result is a much warmer, fuller pedal with more available clipping/gain.  This mod also helps your pedal clean up better when you back off the controls.

 Douglas Nisbet

 Doug Demoes our Modified YJM308 with Grey Mod Plus

 Doug's Gear

Modest Mike’s Grey Mod ($49.99)

The Grey DOD 250 is the one most associated with Yngwie . Some folks who want that original Malmsteen sound pay over $500 for the original pedal.  It makes a lot more sense to send us your DOD 250 reissue or YJM308 for this mod.

I am not revealing any secrets here, this info is available on line…but the mod itself is a little tedious :) We replace the op amp with the 741 op amp, four traces are cut, four signals are re-routed, C1 to .056uf, C3 to .01uf, and C2 is removed.

*Get it done right! For only $48 more we can add these mods to your YJM308 or DOD 250:

- Replace the stock foot switch with a 3PDT and rewire to true bypass

- Remove that outdated power jack then drill and install a standard 9 volt power jack

- Drill and add an LED (clear when off, bright blue or yellow when switched on)

We also sell these pedals, refurbished and with all of the mods mentioned above!

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