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 To B, or not to B?

 Some folks want a wah with no buffer. But adding an output buffer kit can help a wah play better with fuzz and distortion pedals. Scott wanted the best of both a little more. This one has our regular mods and then some. Want one?

Super V847 - Copy.JPG

How it all started!

Mike Nix (roknfnrol) Demos our TS9

 Modified TR-2 With Distortion Added

 Boss DS-1 For Bass? YES!

 Stacking TS9, Rat, BD-2

 Modest Mike's Boss ODB-3

 Griff Hamlin Demos Our Modified Rat2

 Modest Mike's Boss CS-3

Dyna Comp Comparison

Modified Daddy-O

Mike's Youngest Daughter- Carlie

Line 6 DL4 Ultimate Expression Mod

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