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Pro Co Rat

Modest Mike's Phat Rat Mod ($59.99)

Rat, Rat 2, Turbo Rat, You Dirty Rat, Brat, and Roadkill

After intense study of mods from the AMZ Ebook and more study of the original Ruetz Rat mod, I decided to take one apart. That’s right, I dissected a Rat! Seems most musicians like the Rat, but a common complaint is "It's too harsh."

I wanted to smooth out that harshness, so I changed out key capacitors, resistors, and experimented with different  op amps. I added a germanium diode in series with the other diodes. 

What a difference!

For starters, this mod takes the edge off of the harshness, You can crank this baby way up now, and the sound does not get mushy. Our modified Rat get a full bodied sound, warm in the middle, and the sound remains transparent when you push it.  

Due to popular demand, we have recently added a gain switch to this mod. This toggle switch allows you to choose between the smoother gain of the Ruetz mod, or flip back to full stock gain.

*It seems strange to me that the folks at Pro Co went to all that trouble, but then left the external power jack as one of those obsolete jacks that no one uses any more. When I take this pedal apart, I drill out the hole to be bigger and replace that baby with an up to date  power supply jack. Now, you can use a standard 9 volt external power adapter just like on your other pedals! 


*We also sell the modified refurbished Phat Rat 2. Call or email anytime. Click CONTACT at top/right :) 

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