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Line 6 DL-4, MM-4, DM-4, FM-4

Ultimate Expression Mod ($99.99)

All of the following mods are included:

Double Presets Mod: Just like the name implies, you can have double the presets you have now on your Line 6 DL4. We add an extra foot switch and LED up top. Now each of the 3 stock switches on the lower left can store two presets from one category instead of one. It’s great to have quick access to more of a variety of sounds. For an example, it’s neat to be able to have a fast speed and a slow speed preset on the same switch.

Volume Drop Mod: Ever notice your volume drops when you engage some Line 6 pedals?   This is a problem usually reported by folks who use this pedal in stereo mode, your pedal may not need this mod. Our optional volume drop mod solves that problem.

Expression Pedal Mod: This gives you another foot switch, LED, and a pedal/knob for a built in expression pedal! You still get all of the mods mentioned above, but now you can also use the pedal/knob to scroll between two different saved settings! I really like being able to scroll from a fast delay to slow delay or anywhere in between...with my foot. How cool is that? *Check out the alternative setups also. 

LED Upgrade: We replace the old dull red LEDs with nice bright blue LEDs. Or just let us know if you want a different color or colors.


Optional Switch Upgrade: Sooner or later these pedals can begin having technical difficulties. We replace the cheap 3 piece switches with heavy duty soft touch SPST momentary switches.

A switch upgrade runs $49.99 if you are also having the Ultimate Expression mod done (normally $69.99).

*Use your Line 6 adapter to power these pedals. It states on the back near the power jack this pedal needs a minimum of 1200mA. The mods will not work properly without the recommended power. The Line 6 adapter filters the current to eliminate background noise, and using this adapter will increase the life of your pedal. These mods will not work properly unless you use the Line 6 Adapter!

 Hold the Presses!

 We can do these mods to the new Line 6 MKII now!

Modified MKII Spread Switches LEDs On_edited.jpg

 Remember, you saw it here first!

Modified DL4 MkII Lights on - Copy.JPG

 Desktop or Rack Model

MKII Pedal Knob - Small.JPG

 Line 6 listened to their customers!

They slimmed down the pedal, eliminated volume drop because this one has an actual volume knob. They got rid of that monster power supply and replaced it with a slim and trim model. They improved the switches so I don't have to :)

We can do the Double Presets Mod and Expression Pedal Mod on these, that runs $99.99. Or we can substitute the Loop Mod and the Sustain Mod. But due to less space inside we can only put two of these on one pedal.

 Click CONTACT at the top right of the site to call or send us a quick email.

We also sell these pedals, refurbished and with all of the mods mentioned above!

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