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Refurbished Modified Pedals!

We sell our pedals worldwide. All of our modified pedals are warrantied as new! Here are a featured few. Call or send us a quick email if you like these or want any from THE LIST category above. or (479)270-0888

Modified MKII Spread Switches LEDs On - Copy.JPG

 You saw it here first!

Line 6 MKII Modified Spread Switches.JPG

 Line 6 listened to their customers!

They slimmed the pedal down and improved the switches. There is no more volume drop because they added a volume control. And the new power adapter is very slim and trim. 

You can get one of these with the Double Presets Mod and the Expression Pedal Mod ($409)

New Line 6 Power Adapter - Copy.JPG
Modified DL4 MkII Lights on - Copy.JPG

 Rack or Desktop Model

Mike's Fully Modded Cry Baby GCB-95 ($189)

This one comes with 5 circuit mods, true bypass,

volume pedal mod, red fasel inductor, Hot Potz 2, and an added LED! 

Mike's Fully Modded Vox V847 ($239)

5 circuit mods, true bypass, added LED, volume pedal

mod, and standard 9 volt  DC jack added!

Boss SD-1 with Sparkle Mod ($179)

Great sounding mod on this pedal! Mods for better tone and better clarity, It includes gain boost and bass boost switches, and also includes bypass improvement mod!

Modest Mike's Phat Rat  ($179)

You just gotta see the demo by Griff Hamlin!

Now with added gain switch!

Mike's Big Muff with Gilmour Mod ($159)

Chasing that Gilmour Rams Head sound for recordings done from "The Wall?" This is a good start!  

Add an external tone control for $24.99.

Mike's Fully Loaded Line 6 DL-4   ($389)

Ultimate Expression DL4 with Double  Presets mod, Expression Pedal mod, Volume Drop mod, Switch Upgrade, and LED Upgrade- bright blue or you choose.

Modest Mike's Mean Ass TS-9  ($199)

TS-808 Plus modded. Also added bass boost and gain boost switches. Meanest sounding TS-9 sold! Get our modified TS-9DX for only $16 more.

Mike's Fully Loaded Line 6 DM-4  ($279)

Ultimate Expression DM4 with Double Presets mod,Expression Pedal Mod, Volume Drop mod, Switch Upgrade, and LED Upgrade!

Modest Mike's Modified MXR Dyna Comp ($179)

This one has our regular mods plus the popular "Ross mod."

It also comes with the Griffin Effects tone control! 

Modest Mike's Modified GE-7 or GEB-7 ($219)
Our best seller!
Modified for better tone and less noise!
Phase 90 to Univibe Labelled - Copy.JPG
Modified Vintage 74 Reissue Phase 90.jpg

 Modest Mike's Modified MXR Phase 90 ($179)

 Modified MXR CSP026 '74 Vintage Script Phase 90 ($229)

 This one comes with the Script mod to smooth out that mid-tone 

 Script mod, replaced the stompswitch with a 3PDT and rewired for

 harshness. Makes it sound more like the expensive one made in the 

 mid 70's. Also the toggle switch gives you the option of Phase Shifter

 True Bypass. We drilled and installed a standard 9V power jack, and also     drilled and installed the LED.

 or a Univive pedal!

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