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Overseas orders may take a little longer to receive.

Refurbished Modified Pedals!

We sell our pedals worldwide. All of our modified pedals are warrantied as new! Here are a featured few. Call or send us a quick email if you like these or want any from THE LIST category above. or (479)270-0888

Modified MKII Spread Switches LEDs On - Copy.JPG

 You saw it here first!

Line 6 MKII Modified Spread Switches.JPG

 Line 6 listened to their customers!

They slimmed the pedal down and improved the switches. There is no more volume drop because they added a volume control. And the new power adapter is very slim and trim. 

You can get one of these with the Double Presets Mod and the Expression Pedal Mod ($409)

New Line 6 Power Adapter - Copy.JPG
Modified DL4 MkII Lights on - Copy.JPG

 Rack or Desktop Model

Mike's Fully Modded Cry Baby GCB-95 ($189)

This one comes with 5 circuit mods, true bypass,

volume pedal mod, red fasel inductor, Hot Potz 2, and an added LED! 

Mike's Fully Modded Vox V847 ($239)

5 circuit mods, true bypass, added LED, volume pedal

mod, and standard 9 volt  DC jack added!

GE 5-Star Hi-Fi  Boss SD-1 ($159)

Great sounding mod on this pedal! It includes gain

boost and bass boost switches, and also includes

bypass improvement mod!

Modest Mike's Phat Rat  ($179)

You just gotta see the demo by Griff Hamlin!

Now with added gain switch!

Modest Mike's Modified MXR Dyna Comp ($179)

This one has our regular mods plus the popular "Ross mod."

It also comes with the Griffin Effects tone control! 

Mike's Big Muff with Gilmour Mod ($159)

Chasing that Gilmour Rams Head sound for recordings done from "The Wall?" This is a good start!  

Add an external tone control for $24.99.

Mike's Fully Loaded Line 6 DL-4   ($389)

Ultimate Expression DL4 with Double  Presets mod, Expression Pedal mod, Volume Drop mod, Switch Upgrade, and LED Upgrade- bright blue or you choose.

Modest Mike's Mean Ass TS-9  ($199)

TS-808 Plus modded. Also added bass boost and gain boost switches. Meanest sounding TS-9 sold! Get our modified TS-9DX for only $16 more.

Mike's Fully Loaded Line 6 DM-4  ($279)

Ultimate Expression DM4 with Double Presets mod,Expression Pedal Mod, Volume Drop mod, Switch Upgrade, and LED Upgrade!

Modest Mike's Modified GE-7 or GEB-7 ($199)
Our best seller!
Modified for better tone and less noise!
Phase 90 to Univibe Labelled - Copy.JPG

 Modest Mike's Modified MXR Phase 90 ($179)

 This one comes with the Script mod to smooth out that mid-tone 

Modified Vintage 74 Reissue Phase 90.jpg

 Modified MXR CSP026 '74 Vintage Script Phase 90 ($199)

 Script mod, replaced the stompswitch with a 3PDT and rewired for

 harshness. Makes it sound more like the expensive one made in the 

 mid 70's. Also the toggle switch gives you the option of Phase Shifter

 or a Univive pedal!

 True Bypass. We drilled and installed a standard 9V power jack, and also     drilled and installed the LED.