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 DIGITECH Bad Monkey

 Modest Mike's Gorilla Mod ($49.99)

We can do this mod for guitar and also bass players! Let me know if you want the mod for bass guitar.

A few years back I got a note enclosed with a Bad Monkey that a customer sent me for a mod. He said “Mike, I want you to take this Bad Monkey and turn it into a gorilla!” So back then I decided to call this mod the "Gorilla Mod."

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 Mods for this pedal were inspired by mods developed by Brian Wampler. The biggest part of the mod is changing out certain capacitors for Panasonic metal film capacitors with different values. This helps the tone by making the pedal more transparent and increasing the amount of available bass. We also added a phat switch that any guitar player can appreciate…especially Fender players. And of course we replaced the LED with a nice bright water clear/blue LED. The LED is clear when the effect is switched off, and a very noticeable blue when the effect is switched on.

We also sell these pedals, refurbished and with all of the mods mentioned above!

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