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Quality workmanship, great customer service, 3-day turnaround times, and low prices... no one beats Modest Mike's Mods!

We can affordably and quickly modify your guitar pedals with a wide variety of tone-enhancing modifications. Our work is guaranteed for the life of your pedal!

Check THE LIST and you will see that over 50% of our mod services are priced at just $39.99! That is less expensive than some kits you can buy where you do the work and risk damaging your pedal.  

We also sell our modified refurbished pedals worldwide.

There are a lot of new, expensive, pretty digital pedals out there. But we continue to specialize in analog pedals for the most part. Most musicians agree these pedals sound warmer...and good luck when you try to get a digital pedal (with all of those tiny computer parts) repaired or modified!


Find something(s) you like, and then go to the CONTACT page (upper right).  When you choose Modest Mike's Mods you can rest assured your gear is in good hands. We make your sounds...sound good!

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 Mike turns 64 this month!